Snyder's Murderous Batman Response

This is a tough article to write, as it is in response to someone who directed three huge films in the DC franchise.

However it has become clear that the vision this director has is not what is truly needed for the series.

Now I will open with this video. It is from a Reddit post, and it is Zack Snyder is responding to a question about why Batman and Superman kill in the films.

I will let you see the video first, with his explanation, and then I will continue the article.


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Now, I am a fan. And these comments I am about to make are mine and mine alone. This is a disclaimer that Mr. Zack Snyder himself did not inform. making his comments, what he believes to be truth.

The other members of TIA may not even agree with me. But these are my absolute beliefs.

Batman and Superman would NEVER purposely go out of their way to kill anyone.

First of all, Batman or Bruce Wayne, will not kill anyone because he refuses to be responsible for making another child, such as he did, grow up without parents. He will not use a gun, which is the instrument that was used to kill his parents.

This is something we constantly see in the movies, Batman has guns on his Batmobile. Why?

Batman does not try to kill anyone. Even when faced with his greatest rival, Joker, in The Killing Joke, Batman refused to kill The Joker. Here are the last two pages.


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So this brings us all the way back to what Zack Snyder was saying. Basically he is trying to justify the fact that even in a single scene in BVS batman killed between 12-15 men in a chase. These were not collateral damage deaths. These deaths were masterminded by Batman. Every single one. Watch this clip of what I am talking about.

When I watch this film, I think back to the Frank Miller “The Dark Knight Returns” graphic novels. A Batman who was jaded by the death of one of his sidekicks. But this was not the case. Yah we see later in the film Jason Todd has died by the Jokers hand. (spoilers) But this chase scene is filled with Batman literally MURDERING 12-15 people out of cold blood. There is no excuse for this.

This is MURDER that was filmed here.

These films were given to Zack Snyder to create a large spin on the classic tales. Bringing Superman back to the big screen after the dreary Superman Returns. We even see the turmoil on Clarks face when he is forced tom kill Zod, and then he lets out a horribly anguished cry afterwords.

But this idea of Batman, a man who kills whoever is in his way, is nowhere based on the 80+ years of back story for Bruce wayne. He does not kill, he may not assist which leads to someones demise, but he will never purposefully attack to kill.

There are people arguing that it would take a greater amount of training to reach a level of fighting needed to greatly incapacitate someone, and not kill them. Which, by the way, Batman has had, with the League of assassins, under the tutelage of Ra’s Al Ghul.

So saying that Bruce Wayne has no idea how much damage he can inflict on a human is not an argument.

The thing that basically should make all Batman fans raise up in arms is the fact that this director is now working on insulting the generations of fans of the comics, saying we need to grow up. It is his opinion that batman has to kill. Which is something the majority of us can not stand behind.

Batman is flawed, however he stands behind his convictions, no matter the age of him in any of the comics and graphic novels. From Year one to The Dark Knight Returns, To Batman Beyond, one thing stays the same. Batman does not kill.

And he most certainly does not MURDER or brand the villains he captures. Nor does he use a gun of any kind, and when forced to use one, he misses on purpose… Which seeing the video above, well… again… MURDER!

Something even the Batman creators addressed on Twitter at one Point…


Here is a total running number of the kills Batman makes just in Batman V Superman. In a rather Humorous way.

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