There Is Another Podcast… Oh yes there is!!!

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Newest “Issue” of the show

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Newest TIA Video: Uploaded March 24

Kevin Unboxes the 6" Han Solo Mimban Black Series figure. This figure is also referred to as Mud Trooper Solo. From the face sculpt and the detail. this is a great figure.


Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Info Video with Lance

TIA Special: 15 March 2019: Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Game

Lance gives all the news and rumors for the coming EA and Respawn Entertainment game, Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order The news was compiled on the website at the following article written by John Saavedra

We do not claim to be the owners, founders of the information, nor are we saying we own any images used within this video. All news and information and images are property of the respective owners. TIA, GDA, and Elwood Productions do not claim any ownership of any images within this video. All images are used solely for news, information and entertainment purposes only, and use is covered under the fair use act. TIA, GDA and Elwood Productions are not affiliated in any way with and do not guarantee any of the information in this video.


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The Library

All the past episodes. Feel free to peruse and enjoy…


The Shows Art

The shows art is specially created for each show by Lance, and some by Kevin. Each is a work of art, at least we think, and represents the subject of the podcast issue.

Just A Place Holder. Be sure to read the book, Ready Player One, Kevins #1 Book, By Ernest Cline

Place Holder Art

Well, until I know what the next issue is about, I can’t post a cover image, but here is one I made as a place holder.

Click the image to see the full poster size image.

Issue 12: Top 5 Movie Song Countdown

I decided to use Footloose, and the song is just a classic, and both Kevin and I love the film. But as I replaced the faces of Kevin Bacon with, Of Course another K.B. Our Handsome Kevin Brown and Lori SInger with my ugly bearded mug, I started laughing so hard.

I knew this one needed not only be one of the covers, but it was art that could be one of the TIA posters.

This is one of the funniest in my opinion.

Issue 11: The Three Amigos Ride Again

Following the return of our great friend James after an extended hiatus Kevin and I decided that the next cover needed to be The Three Amigos Based. And Kevin recommended the issue title, The Three Amigos Ride Again. The name of the film in the film The Three Amigos. Get it? HA HA

This one was just pure fun, I loved making this one. I miss the challenge of finding the perfect image to alter with all three of our faces.


Star Wars Update Annual 1

News, news rumors and info. Lance and Kevin dive in way past gullet, into the entrails of all the Star Wars news and information that has come out. From Galaxy’s Edge at Disney Land, to The Mandalorian, To Episode IX and beyond. Books, comics and a can of Alderaanian Ale. This is a must hear… A must listen to… a necessity to hear…. wait… well…. If you love Star Wars and want to know whats coming soon, You got to listen to this one!


Lance and Kevin have a rip roaring good time discussing their top ten of favorite horror movies of all time. The list os allot more off the wall than you may think. Some of the names that made the list are lesser known works. But every one is a great film and worth the watch at any time, not just when you are hiding from ghouls and goblins walking the streets on ‘Ol hallows eve!

Inside the Arrowverse

Kevin designed the cover for the first annual DC Television universe discussion. Commonly referred to as the ARROWVERSE. They dug deep into all the shows and discussed plans and happenings in multiple seasons of The Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Legends of Tomorrow and more. A great informative show, filled with spoilers if you’re not caught up on the seasons yet…. Like Lance… Dork!.

42858137_992510674254696_2482367286065758208_n (1).png

Cats eggs

This was the episode that really transformed the show from just geek news to geek news comedy. The end of this show, the portion where we discuss the coming Captain Marvel film went out of hand when Lance brought up the cat in the poster. Chewie (We hope its still Chewie in the film (Lances stupid knowledge update: Its not Chewie, its Goose, an homage to the Top Gun character)) is not a cat, but an alien called a Flerken, and the discussion about the cat becomes Flerking hilarious.

Issue 3: geeks of the galaxy

As we were talking about the future of The Guardians Of The Galaxy franchise after the removal of James Gunn after a long forgotten Controversial Tweet, Lance came up with the Geeks Of The Galaxy. With Lance as Gamora in his overtly sexy Duckface, and Kevin as Starlord.

And Ladies, Lance is Married… and doesn’t have green skin… sorry!

The original Show Logo

This was not just the basis for the logo, it was also basis for the very first issue of the podcast. The alternative can be seen in another post. This was a true challenge for Lance to create, as images from each person, living in different areas, and never meeting in real life before, had to seamlessly give the illusion we were all in the same location. Kevin as Superkev, James as the gawker, and Lance as the pointer. This is one of our favorites.

TIA Logo.jpg

It All Started When…

There used to be a podcast called There Is Another Podcast. Eventually James, co host, joined Lance and James from the Podcast, Holocron Of The Whills for a Star Wars Celebration special report.

They found that there was a natural chemistry there. They figured if they combined the shows they would have a much better format for people to listen to.

No longer wedged into just Star Wars, they decided to incorporate all the things they love in Geek Culture. Comics, Toys, Film, Science Fiction and much much more.

Each episode is completely different from the last, and they constantly are getting more fun each time they get together.