Finally getting back to business again!

I am slowly healing. I have however gained 50 Lbs. Which is really the point of this whole thing that is killing me the most. However I am busy again renovating the back yard.

I spent the day yesterday removing large chunks of the chicken wire fence that was there, and removing the fence posts, which someone simply used cheap metal poles and about 150 LBS of concrete to put them in the ground.

I also need to remove a ton of ivy that has wound its way through the bottom 1/4 of the wire fence. Which is killing me. But it is really shaping up. It is slow, but really paying off

My body is screaming with pain today as I edit a ton of podcasts and videos. But it is a sit day. A great recovery day

I am looking forward to the second week of April, Finally going out metal detecting again!!! YES!!! I have really been suffering with the podcast, as I felt I was unable to actually talk metal detecting and not be able to do it myself. I have the feeling many people think I am faking the funk in the hobby.

Oh well. They will see me out soon enough.


My Knee Is Killing Me...

In Helios Klinik Volkach, Germany January 9 2019.

In Helios Klinik Volkach, Germany January 9 2019.

On January 8th I was in a clinic for surgery on a Bakers Cyst on my right knee. I have been having problems with it since last April, when in May I went into the clinic and had it surgically removed once. Within 6 weeks the cyst was back.

In the course of the next 6 months I needed to return to the clinic at least once a month to have fluid removed, or it would build up again in the cyst, and then back up into the knee joint, causing pain.

Well, the surgeon, one of the most prominent in orthopedic surgery in Bavaria, one of the best in Bavaria outside Munich actually, is clueless as to the cause, I have had several MRI scans, X-Rays and ultrasounds to try to determine the cause of the fluid being created.

Usually it is tendon, ligament or meniscus damage that causes it. But, the doctor says he sees nothing wrong in any of the imagery, and even in the course of the two surgeries nothing that would tell him why it is happening. He says there is damage from my time as a Paratrooper for the U.S. Army that has caused small fractures or lesions, (not sure which he said right now) which he believes are not the cause, but could well be the reason behind the issue.

After the surgery on January 8th, the cyst returned in three weeks. To as large as it was to begin with.

Now I need to go back in and see the doctor, who says he has one more thing to try, before a full knee replacement.

Thats tomorrow morning, so I am hoping this works.

It is killing me not to be out detecting. I was out last summer three times in August. that was it. After that I was un able to walk on the uneven soil on the fields, as any and every twist or bad bend of the knee caused me pain.

Now I am watching all the people in the GDA facebook group post finds from around the world, and I realize, My knee is killing me. Its stopping me from going out metal detecting… sigh

Oh well, I hope tomorrow I can get some news that will put closure to this knee problem.

The hunt begins...

Well, you are here, On my new blog.

This is going to be a place of two fold posting.

If you know me, you know I love metal detecting, and also am a huge geek

I often times hit flea markets with my wife, where we look for our hobbies.

I love rescuing toys from the 60’s to modern time, and placing them in the GDA studio in the house. If you have ever seen a live video of me sitting in the GDA studios, you have seen my collection of art, comics, and toys in the background.

Part of Lances collection. Parts of the collection will be eventually shared and talked about.

Part of Lances collection. Parts of the collection will be eventually shared and talked about.

This is a hobby I started again after my mental Breakdown in 2012. I decided to get back to who I really was… A NERD

This year I am beginning a new hunt at flea markets. I will be looking for classic Nintendo, Super Nintendo and Genesis games.

I will post videos in this blog of my finds. I hope you will come join me.