Meet Lance


Lance Goolsby, Is the founder of Global Detection Adventures.

He took up metal detecting in 2013 after he suffered a total mental break down caused by un checked PTSD from his time in the U.S. Army in the Balkans and the Iraq war in 2003.

Lance saw his now friends, KG and Ringy of the television series, “Diggers” out discovering historic artifacts. He thought that it may be a hobby that would give him peace and quiet, and time work on his PTSD. He and his son picked up a pair of cheap detectors and began searching a friends garden. They didn’t find much. but the peace in the hunt gave him peace of mind.

Later he was given a Tesoro Cibola, and it was then his metal detecting reached a new level. He wanted to learn as much as he could and followed Deep Digger Dan on Youtube and joined his forum [since closed] and met many many great detectors around the world. There he gathered much knowledge, but had a thirst for even more.


He began following more and more hunters on Youtube. studying their techniques, and methods. He asked questions and communicated with many metal detectors for advice. Mean time he had begun editing videos together showing finds from around the world. [they are viewable in the Videos page]

Eventually Lance had an Idea for a podcast, to talk with and about metal detectors and finds around the world. He made a test episode, which eventually became Episode 1 of the GDA Radio Podcast, at the time called Global Detection Adventures.

Lance convinced Dave DiNatale to join him, and the two had a great first two years.

Dave eventually left to begin XP Team USA. Lance kept on with the GDA Radio Podcast.

Today the name GDA is known in the metal detecting community around the world.

Lance is also a self confessed Nerd. He is proud of the title. He collects toys, Classic Atari, Nintendo, Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis games, Star Wars toys and artifacts. He is an artist who paints Geek Culture images [Gallery of his art coming to this website soon, also look at the TIA Podcast page for his Digital Art]

Lance was born in Portland, Oregon, but lived his formative years outside Seattle, Washington in the Bellevue/Eastgate area. He lives now in Wipfeld, Germany with his wife. His two sons are both married. Lance has two grand children, Zoe, and Henry. He is hoping many more are coming, to give him more excuses to visit toy stores to build up his collection.


XlII and Bowie.

XlII and Bowie.

In 1996 a lass joined a computer club at university because internet and email access weren't standard unless you were a computer science nerd. Regular science nerds like the lass had to pay for internet access via this club.

The lass needed a username and had just finished reading The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy and thought "fortytwo - that’s a good username. It’s quirky and it has the right amount of letters for a username. I'll use that". Fortytwo was born.


Fortytwo became an operational committee member of the club and the computer nerds became her besties. They called each other by their usernames. Fortytwo began signing off emails as 42 because it was more efficient.

She then began meeting people from the internet and introducing herself as 42. There were a few odd looks, but most people just accepted it. She became more and more confident and then she grew out of her shell.

All normal stuff that occurs once you hit that age happened, of course, but with her a name change occurred at the same time.

42, the identity, evolved…

As the years went on 42 would get snail mail sent in the post, she chose Xlii (Roman numerals) to prevent misdirections.

Xlii is who she is today. It’s still pronounced ’42’, though she’ll answer to most phonetic pronunciations of Xlii.

Xlii lives in Adelaide, Australia with her wife, dog and about a million cats.

When she’s not metal detecting she likes talking about metal detecting, photographing LEGO and talking to her cats.