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Choosing a coil:

Article by: XLII: Originally Published March 24, 2019

What coil should get / use / buy?

The Rutus 23cm elliptical DD Coil. This is what Lance uses predominantly when detecting fields.

As with most things about this hobby - it all depends on where you are and what you’re looking for.  Other factors such as price come into play, but chances are once you start looking at adding to your coil arsenal, you're here to stay.

There are many types, mono, double D, double C, concentric, large, small - there's one for every occasion!  I always have a spare coil in the car "just in case".

This article focuses mainly on coils for VLF machine because that's my experience.  I haven't done the research or practice (yet) with PI equipment.

Let’s weigh up the pros and cons of size first.

Bigger is not always better!  A large (11"+) search coil will cover more ground certainly, but if there are a lot of targets in that ground it may be difficult to separate the tones and you may find yourself missing a lot of good targets.  It is for this reason I avoid using large coils in trashy areas they drive me nuts.

The Newer 9” High Frequency Coil from XP has great reviews.

The Newer 9” High Frequency Coil from XP has great reviews.

A bigger coil however will generally penetrate deeper into the ground - so when the ground is somewhat quiet (old or non-trashy site) or if I’m at the beach - out comes the 11".  You get better coverage and better depth.

Larger coils obviously weigh more than your smaller coils, this can be of a benefit if you're trying to swing through stubbly vegetation but you may get fatigued quicker, particularly if you're a bony armed girl like me.

Medium sized coils (9") I find are a good general all rounder size, easier to navigate in the trashy areas than a large coil however and still large enough get some good depth.  Another advantage over it's larger cousin is if you're into detecting in the scrub, a smaller coil is easier to maneuver in and out of the bush.  Chances are you're more able to swing all day with a medium sized coil too.  A medium coil will still give you reasonable coverage and depth whilst still be able to isolate some good targets in noisy areas.

Small coils such as your sniper coils are killers in trashy areas.  They breeze on through and isolate signals very well, the draw backs are they lack ground coverage and some depth.  But if you're just looking for spendable at the local park chances are it will pay itself off in no time.  Another reason I like to have a small coil is in rocky areas such as dry creek beds.  Those babies are small enough to get in between the rocks and still allow some swing to detect any hidden treasures within.  Sure you can still do this with larger coils, but I find you just wind up smacking the coil into rocks all the time and get false signals.

The Garrett AT Pro 4” Super Sniper Coil

The Garrett AT Pro 4” Super Sniper Coil

Obviously there are in-between sizes like the Garret 5 x 8" DD coil that comes standard on the AT gold.  These in-betweeners are great for trashy areas and scrub too.  

What about the shape?

Next time…



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